Resolutions for My Life List in Year 2009

Why do we celebrate new years? Won’t there be newer new years the next year.

And when does a new year become old? Isn’t a new year new for 365 days (or 366 days in a leap year).

Above all, is there a purpose to create new year resolutions yearly when one does not act on them.

Nevertheless, I resolve to:

  • be more assertive
  • adopt a confident, calm and relaxed attitude
  • exercise regularly
  • maintain my appearance regularly
  • conquer my fear of cockroaches and any other creatures with more than 4 legs, bigger than a 20 cent coin and living on land
  • stop procrastinating (or finding excuses to procrastinate)

Logen L.

  • rhiannonmerlin

    you can do it, logen! just keep the faith!

  • Thanks Champa. Happy New Year 🙂

  • zW

    Champa encourage you sei, now you are walking with “wind” new hair new look new found confidence. outcasting me soon?

  • Mihara

    Dude, Batman yoh!

  • HOHOHO. conquering the fear of roaches is also my “resolution”! Goood luck uhhhhhh. haha

  • Zhi Wei, you are linking confidence with appearance, which shouldn’t be the case.

  • All the best to you too, Killa.

  • Eugene, Batman is a work of fiction, unlike Naruto. LOL

  • zW

    You’re talking like a saint, which ain’t suppose to be the case!

  • Mihara

    Mannnnnnnn, gramophone sucks.

  • I’m not a saint. I’m an immortal, Zhi Wei.

  • What do you mean, Eugene?

  • Mihara

    nothing, its A-okay! 🙂