Happy 2010 and Resolutions

We live in a world of uncertainty. Everyone hurts so badly that they’ve become compassion-less. Familiarity is comfort; selective reality is medicine to assuage the suffering.

Today, I’m here to renew my vow to reach my happiness, amid the uncertainty. I vow to reach my goals my way. I will forgive and be compassionate to even those who oppose me.

It doesn’t matter if I will take on a path less taken. No matter the difficulty. Even if there is little proof that my principles, ethics and path will enable me to succeed, I will push on. I will be the exception because I’m not mere statistics. I am Logen, the god of my own destiny. And I don’t give a fuck of what society expects me to do.

Crazy dancing Logen

Horace and Logen at Siloso

Happy new year everyone. I resolve to stick to my code of ethics and principles and my way (and path).

Logen L.


    wahlao so wild sia u. tell me u dont wana go countdown but u got yourself mad at the beach. very zai ah. hahahah. nice nice.


  • LOL. I went to a friend’s b’day party, and my classmates end up convincing me to go. I spent $42 on tickets. If I don’t go wild it will be waste of money. WAhahaha!

    Happy 2010 Killa!

  • mihara.

    ho ho ho, We have a clubber here. since when did the immortal engage in activities only the mortal find pleasure in? HAHAHAHA!

  • What clubber? Dancing on the beach is not clubbing. I’m doing the immortal ritual.

    Don’t link me to you eh? LOL.

    -.- Eh wait… you’re famiri, the Dragon Clan.

  • mihara.

    dancing in any crowded location, that ritual is called clubbing, that includes dancing with friends with or without the influence of alcohol.



  • Eugene, you go tell the Native American tribes that their tribal dance is clubbing. LOL.

    Horace, Kah Fai and I also did the Na’vi dance. We worship Eywa. LMAO!

  • Nope Killa. Me shy; not wild.

  • mihara.

    The Na’vi didn’t dance, they just sat beside, held hands and went into a trance of sorts. Did you hold hands with Horace & Kah Fai?