What A Way To Start 2011

This year’s new year countdown with my friends was a letdown. My dragon villagers thought it fitting to head straight home after watching the countdown fire works at Marina Bay. I was misled into thinking that we would be partying at some club. I spent the transition of 2010 to 2011 (in the presence of an annoying crowd who kept pushing) contemplating in melancholy about the next one and a half year of my time wasted on national service.

Dan-san and I decided to head for Chijmes to salvage the spoilt atmosphere after the countdown. We had pizza till 2am when the place closed and, on a whim, walked towards Clarke Quay. I felt like a dead person walking pass crowds of happy party-goers. Sure, there were many people walking in a drunken stupor, but better drunk and happy than sober and moody. What happened to the saint-like Logen who didn’t associate with booze and drunkeness? Well, he had sex, enjoys the occasional whiskey on the rocks, got pissed drunk twice and grew out of sainthood…

Two hours later, the both of us (Dan-san and I) were sitting by the river discussing our resolutions for 2011. Here was what we both agreed on.

  1. Be more disciplined and focused with our goals (and not multi-task)
  2. Be more self-assured and confident
  3. Become slimmer
  4. Have clearer skin

And I forgot the rest. In any case, I am trying to be more focused with these goals for 2011:

  • Learn to speak in Thai
  • Observe people’s body language subconsciously
  • Go on casual dates for the fun of it
  • Return to training in Aikido (or take up Muay Thai)
  • Let loose completely when dancing at the club
  • Have more sex (Don’t judge me for being honest)

That’s a lot of goals to focus on, isn’t it? But I’m determined! I’m sick of multi-tasking only to end up achieving nothing.