Logish Paradox has existed for 6 to 7 years as my place to speak my truths and my insights. It keeps track of my lifelist and tells me how much I have procrastinated. And is a dumping place to air my sorrows. When I’m up to it, I write proses and short stories.

From time to time, I talk about discrimination and human rights issues as they matter to me as an individual. And on the same note, you are welcome at my place; regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion and beliefs. Please, however, respect my choice to be Agnostic Buddhist and the god of my own destiny. Don’t try to convert me.

About Logen

I’m a flawed individual who prides in his eccentricity and individuality. While I need to feel free without restrictions, it is difficult to be free in a society that frowns upon pariahs who don’t fit in. Even so, I’ve been true to the person I am.

Similar to my peers, I have hopes,┬ádreams, melancholy, desperation and annoyances. I’m sensitive to the needs, woes and moods of others, and I have the capacity to shut off judging people and be exceedingly empathetic. People talk to me in their sadness because I gave time for it and I knew how to shut up and listen.

Ironically, people who know me from army would likely call me brash, impatient, uncompromising, unreasonable, harsh and arrogant. The army has taught me to suppress certain parts of my personality, and develop coarser qualities to deal with idiots and assholes. But that doesn’t mean I’ve lost the ability to read people and know the appropriate time to be an asshole or an angel. That said, my judgment might be off at times. I’m not perfect.

I love martial arts, running, nightlife activities, starting and managing a business, body language research, creative writing and web designing. I enjoy interacting with people and at the same time love spending time with myself. I cannot stand disrespect, discrimination, rudeness, missionaries (who cannot take ‘no’ for an answer) and people who cannot go straight to the point when they clearly need a favour.

Contact Me

You can contact me via email at logenlanka[at ]gmail[ dot]com.