Please respect my wishes and feel free to leave if you don’t. In my capacity as an individual and the owner of Logish Paradox, there are things I disagree with and do not want on this site.

1. Discrimination

I am against discrimination. Get lost if you wish to leave bigoted comments on race, religion and sexual orientation.

2. Do not SPAM me.

Please leave if your sole purpose is to leave your link, without making relevant contributions on comments.

3. Use of content without permission

Please seek my permission to use my content beyond the scope of fair use. Display my name and direct a link back to the specific entry. It is the polite thing to do.

To clarify, I am open to discussions and disagreements to what I write. However, be respectful and polite. We may disagree on issues, but it doesn’t mean we have to hate each other.

Should you need to contact me, send a message to my email: logen.lanka(at)

Logen L.