An Ironic New Begining

It seems that I’m going through a miserable new year. An ironic beginning, some might say. However, the continuation of an incomplete school semester can hardly count as a new beginning.

I’ve been unproductive during the past weeks and have yet to know the cost of my inaction. Projects and revision lagging behind.

In all honesty, I’ve lost the drive possessed during the first semester. My primary objective then was to keep my mind organised. To allow for it to assimilate info quickly and prove to myself that it can be done. And if school stuff helped in the process, good.

I’ve proved it, albeit my 3.5 GPA. The 0.5 gone can be attributed to me not handing up an assignment, missing a graded quiz and focusing too much on certain modules.

Anyway, the issues I face now is inaction (procrastination) and a stubborn heart. Say no more about the stubborn slut; I mean heart.

Well, I hope everyone else is having a better new year. In being a true blue money-faced Singaporean, may 2008 be prosperous. Screw the increase in GST.

I see a crash in the ang pow market!