Not Another Post On The Exams!

It’s the period when I complain and worry about the exams. It begins on 16th of August.

While I’m hopeful about covering my required topics for all 4 modules, at the back of my head there are some nagging doubts. Previously, I had no discipline to study a few hours at a go, at a quick pace. Why should now be any different?

I got through the last exams by last-minute cramming and the results were surprisingly good. Nonetheless, I can’t bear overnight cramming again. It is a torture. Especially when you end up with a bad headache and exceedingly horrendous temper from the lack of sleep.

Anyway, I apologise to my friends for not keeping in contact for the past weeks. I don’t wish to give any excuses for my bad habits. And this apology goes to Harris especially. I feel bad about it.

That’s all.

Logen L.