The Manipulative Force That Tilts The Balance

I know this blog is supposed to be on hiatus. Face it, I’m bored. So, for the next hour, the hiatus has been lifted.

For the past 2 days, I was studying with Zhi Wei and Eugene for the finals. I have to say, Zhi Wei acts like a restless 5 year-old kid. And I have spent lots of time rolling my eyes or sighing in exasperation at his antics.

Anyway, during our study breaks (a.k.a. lunch, tea), the three of us have been discussing about certain forces within the world. It seems the balance has already started to tilt against that force. I’m both surprised and not surprised at that. I overestimated the powers of manipulation from the force. And perhaps, I underestimated the wits of those influenced by the force. Most are beginning to awake from the illusion.

Above all, I believe in karma, the greater force of cause and effect that affect everyone. It is simply a manifestation of the consequences of our actions. This, I believe, is the downfall of the force. It has neglected any thought of consequence.

Let me be personal about it. I dislike the force, and its disregard to honour, loyalty and respect. Yet, I needn’t partake in any action against it. Karma has taken care of that and will continue to do so, as long as the force persists in its present form.

Besides this force, there is another one of chaos. I and some chosen ones must partake in ceasing this force. It is necessary, for it is affecting the balance. And while I take stock in karma, I believe in this case karma is taking too long. Yet if we do take action before karma does, we will be karma itself.

If you read that and do not understand, don’t be alarmed. I have a knack for talking in riddles and in circles.

Logen L.

P.S. Hiatus is back on.