The Reality of Life and Work

Since the internship began, I’ve been thinking a lot about work and life. I fear what the future entails.

Will I be the majority who devote all their time to work, just to earn money they don’t have time to spend. Will I trade my soul and happiness, just to earn that extra buck which I believe can buy me happiness.

From my first week as an audit intern, I see the stresses of working in one of the Big 4, especially during the peak period. Work-life balance is non-existent. Your life is your work.

I believe that we work to sustain our life. And we live life in want of happiness. There is no doubt in my mind that I’d choose a low paying job, so long as it keeps me happy.

I want to do something fulfilling. I want to have the little moments for some breathing space and to enjoy living within the moment. Unfortunately, most jobs in the finance sector do not allow for such necessities.

It falls on me to take action now. To build up a business from scratch…

Logen L.