I Am 19

It was refreshing to meet a close friend, whom I’ve not seen for a year, still sharing similar viewpoints on life. To be able to connect so well after the time gap is amazing. And I realise, the mark of wisdom is when someone allows their mind to consider the limitless possibilities, rather than rigidly generalise situations based on ‘common knowledge’.

Anyway, I was on MC today (Friday). The doctor told me that the cause of my daily migraines and disturbed sleep was stress-induced. My blood presure was slightly high and she gave me anxiety pills to improve the quality of my sleep.

I’m tired of the attachment. It is mind-numbing, boring and crazy. And when I think about this, it leads me to wonder… Will I survive the mandatory 2 years of being enslaved by the establishment…

Life is the rental of our body and mind. When the rent expires, we cease to exist. The law of impermance, cause and effect, and emptiness.

Thanks Ais and Bala for the meet. And I’m thankful to my fellow villagers for celebrating my birthday. 

Logen L.