Two Lessons Learnt In Two Days

  1. If your left eye has been bloodshot on and off for three weeks, see the bloody doctor within the first week. Don’t wait till you’re blind.
  2. Warm-up and stretch before swimming. Don’t push yourself to swim fast the moment you jump into the pool for the first time since 2 to 4 years ago. My right arm can’t be moved freely because it feels as though someone has pulled my arm out of the socket.

Due to my eye infection, I couldn’t go for Aikido training yesterday.

This morning I couldn’t open my left eye at all. The doctor told me to open my eyes so that she could examine it for irritants. I opened it feebly before it closed on its own. She then told me she had to put anaesthetic into my eye so that it wouldn’t close in pain.

You should have seen my reaction; the adrenaline rush. “What! Anaesthetic? No. No. I open my eyes big for you okay?”  I told her desperately and pulled my eye open. She said she still needed anaesthetic on my eye.

“No, no! Don’t poke my eye with an injection! I open bigger.” I told her. She then took out what looked like eye drops. “Cheh… That’s the anaesthetic?” I asked feeling very relieved.

This sums up the consultation at the clinic.

Logen L.