Silence For Fear Of Loss

Silence can be both a blessing and a terrible thing. And to remain silent for fear of loss is a curse.

It’s been so long, yet I still feel strongly about you. I remember your scent. I remember your smile. I remember your kindness. I remember your idiocy and cheeky retorts. I remember your cruelty. I remember you, and the fond memories and moments.

And whatever I remember of you, I cannot let go. My ambiguity serves to confuse and mislead, so as to preserve my privacy and secrets. I want you to know this. I want you to know this… You are meant not to know for sure.

There will come a time when we become complete strangers; it would be better to let the natural law of impermanence prevail. Drifting apart is better than rejection. At least I’d know you didn’t leave by outright choice. Your seeming indifference hurts though. And my biased eyes cannot tell for sure…

I don’t want to lose you. But our ships have set sail in irreversible courses to different destinations. Be happy please. Brighten another person’s life with that smile of yours.