Happy Belated Birthday to Me

I turned 18 yesterday. I’d like to thank all those who wished me Happy Birthday. And I truly enjoyed the simplicity of the day.

To my classmates (a.k.a. villagers of the HIdden Vilage of The Dragon), thanks for your surprise at the Alumni with the Birthday cake. I haven’t been blowing the candles for my past years. Anyway, I think all of you sung the birthday song too loud. It made me so paiseh (embarrassed).

To Zhi Wei, thanks for the $1.50 out of $4 treat for my prawn noodles. Hahaha. To Horace and Jing Yi, no thanks for singing me the Pirates of the Caribbean theme while I was shitting in the toilet.

To my parents and sister, thanks for the pizzas and the company. That’s about it.

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