The Lack of Thoughts

These days I haven’t been writing much thought-provoking entries. The lack of time and prescence of mind are the main reasons.

However, I promise worthy entries in time to come. Many people know me to be intolerant of racism. Well, in general I frown at discrimination but have learnt to pick my battles. Therefore, in mentioning this, I wish to write various entries on discrimintation that eventually leads to a major entry, which reconciles the various concepts.

Aside from the above, I know that I have neglected my life list. It is a list of my goals, which I want a substantial amount  completed before my demise. Hence, during the coming vacation, I want to attempt contact juggling and brush up on my writing skills.

The Logish Paradox site will be refurbished and organised, of course.

Oh yes, I’ve forgotten about the poor bonsai in the box. I bought it months ago to gain inner peace and patience in waiting for it to grow. Indeed, I’m still waiting for it to grow because I never got to planting the seeds. But the anticipation of growing a bonsai plant has already brought me inner peace.

They really should sell imaginary bonsais instead. Then I can imagine a bonsai growing without the hasle of maintaining its life. For goodness sake, I killed a cactus and you have no idea how remorseful I feel.

So, this is all. My revision for the exams will begin on this coming Wednesday.