The Hidden Village of The Dragon

This Halloween, look out for the Hidden Village of The Dragon. What am I talking about?

On October 31st 2008, I’m getting my class to dress up in costume. Eversince my obsession with Naruto, I’ve founded my own ninja village, my class. And allocated clans to separate groups of my classmates. Very soon, a website will be built to provide information on the various clans and the storyline.

Costumes will be standardised clan-wise and authority-wise.

On another note, I’ll be participating in my first cosplay event this August, hopefully. The exams are just weeks away and I need to source for my costume. The lack of time is a huge factor, especially when I intend to ship the costume over. Oh yes, and I need to study…

Besides, if I go alone, it’d be really weird, so I’m looking for friends to go with me. Don’t worry about the costume. I can source it for you.

Logen L.