Bloggers Who Think a Full Account of their Day is Interesting

The web is filled with bloggers who believe the blow-by-blow account of their mundane life is interesting. They go on pointlessly without a certain point to make. Honestly, only the friends and stalkers of that particular blogger can stomach such entries.

Slightly better than the above mentioned are bloggers who digress. They first talk about the main point of the entry, then for some reason they give extra details at certain parts of the entry. Thereafter, they feel the need to give additional details on the extra details. Needless to say, the result is a huge digression, which causes readers to ponder what the hell the author is trying to say.

In my opinion, only kids should be excused from these mistakes of excess talk and disordered babbling. They are still learning the societal norms of conversation.

If you think that I’m harsh on people guilty of these excesses, I’m merely stating a fact. If you want to be understood, blog coherently. If you want to be listened to, cut out irrelevant details. After all the main, yet subconscious, reason of blogging is to be understood.

Would it be too late to mention that I’m guilty of babbling at times? Hey, no one’s perfect.