Solitude and Crowds

I was in a horrible mood at the end of school. The feeling accumulated throughout the week. Perhaps I was too used to the peaceful solitude I had during the holidays that I forgot that people are cruel. You would have hoped your worth and presence wasn’t taken for granted… Although I have much to say about this, I’ll shut my gap.

To add on, I was beyond pissed at having crappy lecture theatres where you get to see less than one-quarter of the screen and sit on chairs that are linked with other people. The combination resulted in vibrating chairs whenever someone stood up just to look at the screen.

Not to mention, some lecturers really should quit their jobs. In plain terms, my lectures were a waste of time because I’d have understood more while self-studying. In even more simple terms, I’m bloody pissed because I was made to feel like an idiot who cannot comprehend a supposedly simple topic.

Sighs… Let go of the anger and resentment…

You know what, I prefer to be alone…

Logen L.