The Zen In Reality And Perception

Reality is sometimes bleak and hopeless; an unending cycle of suffering. Constantly, we question the wherefores of the cruel nature of reality. What is reality…

We experience the world through the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We process these five senses through a filter of our past experiences and beliefs.

This is reality. A highly subjective experience of life that is limited by our five senses and influenced by our experiences. An illusion…

Zen Garden

Just yesterday, I felt some hopelessness towards my future. Unlike my usual episodes where I spiral down into melancholy, I had a zen moment. I realised that I was looking at my future through the eyes of a person that society deems normal.

What an irony… Why should I look at my own life in the eyes of someone other than myself. Why should I, an extraordinarily eccentric person, judge myself based on other people’s sense of reality? Why should I, someone unique, strive to take the conventional path towards a predictable mundane destination?

With sheer determination and will, I will carve out a path for myself. I will look at my own life through my five senses and my beliefs; be happy in the reality I create for myself. And hopefully, during and after my journey in life, I can light the way to those who have yet to arrive.

I shall choose to be happy.

Logen L.

photo: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1122926