Be Your Own God of Destiny

Every now and then, we contemplate the purpose of life. This endeavour is a paradox of stupidity and wisdom; stupid for three reasons: the answer we seek is resolutely unanswerable, the endeavour only creates more questions, and we look in the wrong places for answers. 

Though overpowered by these three reasons, the wisdom gained is far too compelling to forgo. The endeavour hits the core on what each of us lives for in this life.

In a crass sense, life has no purpose because our eventual destinations are the same -Death. While true, this truth is woefully incomplete. Life does not only encompass destination, it has a begining and is in itself a journey. While one cannot control one’s birth, the power to decide still exists in this stroll towards death, the journey.

We must now face that the purpose of life lie in the eyes of the beholder. It is through one’s choices that one creates his purpose. Nobody, including god and luck, has a say in this. Thus, the only god one should have in controlling his life, is himself.