The Imbalance of Tears and Fears

The week leading up to my relapse was pure agony. I seem to have forgotten how I crawled out of the abyss two years ago. But with the relapse, I’m remembering some details on the arduous journey.

During this period, I was in a contemplative mood on my good days and on other days, I had spasm of fears and tears. The following reflects my thoughts in the course of recovery.

Like the thunder storms that occur as nature’s way of correcting imbalances, life is the same. Our saddest moments indicate issues unresolved lurking within our minds, awaiting corrective action.
When facing these problems, it’s good to take a proactive and contemplative approach. Through objective contemplation, we learn the causes of our distress. And with the cause known, we choose to change what we cannot accept and accept what cannot be changed.

Understanding pain, just makes it easier to let go. While paranoia happens when we don’t have all the cards on the table.

I’m determined, at this time, to let my brain lead my heart away from adversity. I shall rise from the ashes like before.

Note: In those trying moments, Harry Potter and Dumbledore were by my side (the books). This explains my sentimental feelings towards the books. Not forgetting that Dumbledore reminds me a lot of my grandfather.