The Fallouts of Logish Paradox

After comparing the current blog with the past versions, I am forced to conclude that Logish Paradox has lost direction. In the passing of time, I have forgotten about the standards in place to keep it organised. The result is a typical messy blog that is read only by the friends of the author.

Logish Paradox wishes to emphasise on the paradox of life, entwining the themes of reality and fantasy. Clearly, this would imply 2 categories in the blog (reality and fantasy), in which all the topics fall under.

The segment on reality would then be spurred by my careful contemplation and insights. One has to accept that truth and reality is relative to the mind’s eyes. No doubt, outright denial and lies are easily exposed.

As for fantasy, this category will be spurred by the things I enjoy doing. It is where I allow imagination to run ahead of me.

In the months to come, I hope to regroup and organise the following:

  • Life list talks about my weaknesses and goals
  • Tell the Truth discusses social issues and advocacy
  • Short Insights looks at relative truth in a poetic and an analogical way
  • Proses and poetry
  • Personalise the layout and theme of the blog

However, I shall allow my final exams and projects to complete before embarking on this change.


P.S. The time has arrived. Loyalty is forgone. My mask is as ever in its place. As miserable as I am, the show must still continue.