Do I Want To Be Happy Or Sad

Positivity is truly a strange attitude. When you have it, things seem not to faze you. This includes sizable obstacles that block your way.

Yet, it is difficult to maintain such an attitude of positivism. Because when one becomes negative, everything that happens seem to confirm and justify his attitude. For example, waking up late for school is a bad thing, and if by chance you encounter a rude pig on the bus, it confirms your perspective on the day being bad.

In the end, your mind will begin seeing things selectively. You will tend to notice the horrible stuff and take for granted any neutral or good events. In the end, you continually confirm and justify your negative attitude. This is a very good way to be melancholic and miserable.

At least this is how it is for me. I simply hold on to anger or sadness when I get stressed. And it sometimes take months for me to reach rock bottom.

We as human beings remember our hurts and take for granted our pleasures. It is hard to do it the other way round and be positive; when you selectively ignore the horrible and notice the good. Well, all in all, happiness and sadness are both choices.

I am trying to have that positive attitude but it isn’t easy. At the same time, I don’t think I’m hard to please. Laughing throughout the day is no problem for me. However, my friends prefer that I cut down on laughing and lower the volume of my laughter and stop snorting while laughing.

Logen L.