Impromptu Speaking Confidently

Opportunity arise out of difficult situations. And opportunity comes this Wednesday.

As part of the Business Communications module, my class will be doing table topics this coming week. I’ve been focused on my goal to be confident, and one of the criteria to gauge how close I am to being confident is the ability to speak in public.

While this has an impromptu twist to it, I’m determined to speak well. I have to prove to myself that I can face up to the pressure of speaking confidently in front of an audience.

Logen L.

  • Prepare for a few sweats. It happens to everyone.

  • Thanks Leafless. I’m hoping to have a relatively relaxed state of mind while speaking.

  • sam

    With some practice at table topics you will have more confidence. You can use a simple method call PREP. I tell you more about this method at my blog in

  • Thanks Sam for the tips. I was looking for some pointers on table topics.