The Pretext of Discrimination

Through a selective reality you perceive.
The world in hues of colour,
Not shades of grey,
But you make it black and white.

Foist not your beliefs on others,
Nor dictate morality by your dictionary.
Irony, plain irony;
You contradict with your actions.

Allow the varied colours to soar,
Unrestricted by repression,
Free from shades of grey,
Live, and let live…

Logen L.

Many people are giving the pretext of religion to repress the rights of gay people. There are others fearing for their insecure manhood because of gay people.

At the same time, racial prejudices are arising also out of the pretext of religion.

One can claim that religion seeks peace. I agree. Yet the followers of certain religions rob the rights of fellow human beings in the name of god…

Logen L.