I bought a Bonsai Tree at a Bookstore

My dad had gotten book vouchers for Borders bookstore earlier this month. We finally made the trip there for some book shopping.

My initial plan was to buy a journal, which I was to use as a planner. However, after looking around, I decided against it. The journals were way too pricey and I could have gotten cheaper ones elsewhere. As a result, I was sauntering down the book aisles aimlessly.

Investing for Dummies The Mini Bonsai Kit

Towards the end of the ‘shopping’ experience, I was stuck between getting Investing for Dummies and a mini Bonsai kit. My motivations behind the book are clear. I have an interest in investments. What about the Bonsai? What benefit could it possibly bring? One word, peace.

I was feeling inner turmoil and wanted to calm my mind. Though I’m aware that peace can only be found within oneself, I wanted a physical reminder. I want to look at the bonsai during crazy episodes, and be reminded to seek the calm within. It’s just too easy to be sucked into a whirlpool of paranoia when one is stressed.

I explained the wherefores of having a bonsai. So, what was to be chosen? My dad saved me from making a choice. I got both the book and the kit. I could have said no and insisted on choosing one over the other. I might then regret not choosing the other item. Whereas now, I have a tiny bit of guilt for going over the voucher’s budget.

That said, the bonsai growing process is a killer. I should have gotten a cactus at the supermarket instead. Then again, I managed to kill my previous cactus the last time. Better not let my bonsai hear that…


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