Losing My Writing Ability?

I’ve written certain great essays in the past, praised by the teacher. In my stories, I could be what I wanted to be; I could be god for all I care. My thoughts would be mirrored in what I penned. But now, I have this irrational fear that I won’t succeed in writing a convincing male character. The effeminacy thing has taken a huge toll on me, really.

Sometimes I get this feeling that I’m just living someone else’s life. And there was some cosmic mistake. It doesn’t matter already because I don’t know what else I can say about this.

Now really, I sound as if I’m miserable but, it’s just tiredness. For now, I’ve given up talking about my pathetic unrequited love for someone. Lord Logenmort does not need love… Shame on me. I’m turning to the dark side. But they do have cookies after all.

Lecture Leg Rest

My studies are sort of on track, though I choose to skip most lectures. It’s either skip or waste time. Forgive me for my lack of modesty but I have the smarts to excel with my own effort. I just need to cut down on procrastination.


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