To Get Back On Track

Regretfully, I’m still drifting away from studying. I’ve been busy developing my domain names and wasting my time waiting for emails.

The solution to this issue, however, isn’t to cease development of those sites. It merely means my time management sucks and action has to be taken.

Here’s the issue in detail:

I have 3 important modules to study for, namely Microeconomics, Business Statistics(BStats) and FFA (accounting). Business Statistics is the worrying module, mainly because it deals with maths, worsened by me skipping the last two lectures. I do find it interesting but I’m 4 weeks behind. Answering my question, Wen Jie said that consulting the textbok may only enable me to understand half the topic.

Looks like I’ll be slaving for BStats during the weekends. I intend to do a warm up on Friday, revising the introductory topics, and then jump into the heavier bits of week 3 and 4 on Saturday. Be positive Logen!

That’s basically my weekend study plans, plus doing some mindmaps for MIEC. I’ve left out the sickening projects, of which CATS is total bulshit.

I know, this post is shit too. I sounds like some financial newscaster reading out the stock changes to a toddler. But to be fair, I want to documents my plans to get on track. After all, this blog is about my goals which represent the reality I want, and short stories that express my inner thoughts of fantasy and fear.

Just for the record, I still think about the person in the previous entry a lot. It hurts a whole damn lot.

Not going to talk about it in this entry. I’ve long learnt not to combine two unrelated topics.


P.S. I’ve gotta cut my hair. This should prompt an entry in the near future.