Was My Talk On Time Management, all talk and no play?

So, for nearly the whole week, I’ve been talking about my rotten time management. I took action but it just wasn’t enough.

Here’s the report of what I’ve done. I, Logen, completed my CATS project portion and revised the Bstats lecture topics covered in the first 2 weeks. As for Microeconomics, I have only read up half of the topic, Elasticity.

To be fair, I spent the weekend clearing my room. Perhaps with a less cluttered room (and table) I could study better. Besides, the room was like a maze. I had knocked hard into my movable drawers, while navigating through the mess in the dark.

Here’s what I have yet to do, as targeted:

  • BStats revision: lecture 3, 4 and 5
  • MIEC revision: lecture 2, 3 and 4

Mrs Loke’s gonna be disappointed because I haven’t done her tutorial questions. As for MIEC, I have to present something related to Elasticity. Good luck to me for knowing half the topic.

Yes, I’m a worrywart! Because my superb presentation skills won’t save me from appearing like a blithering idiot… “Er, Elasticity is when you stretch the rubber band and release it.”

Here’s a new target then, for today at least:

  • Get a gist of BStats lecture 5 later
  • Mindmap an outline on Demand and Supply
  • Figure out how I’ll compile the CIP report

I’ve set my sights lower. I’m happy to regain my old powers before setting of for immortality. Okay, too much Harry Potter again.


Upcoming: A post about my religion and what it means to me & A post for the repealing of Section 377A