Holiday With a Sense of Achievement

I was alone at Swensen’s just now, celebrating the end of the exams. I go there always to savour my favourite desert: a scoop of Peanut Buttercup ice cream placed atop a slab of crispy walnut brownie.

Logen at Swensen's with Harris and Yanna

While waiting for it, I briefly listed my holiday plans, some of which are in line with m life list. I truly need to utilise this break to feel a sense of achievement and relaxation.

This was what I wrote:

  • Declutter room by the end of Saturday
  • Portrait drawing
  • Improve my working memory
  • Meditate once a day
  • Read “Memoirs of A Geisha” (it has been sitting on my shelf for 2 years)
  • Pen a short story
  • Prepare my community that stands against discrimination (Justice Tribunal)
  • Design a new theme for this blog

That’s it. The key is to prevent myself from being overwhelmed.

Anyway, I’m determined to give you worthy updates on Logish Paradox. I shall plan and research for my entries on discrimination.