Knowledge Is Power

Within my life list, I have some goals that relate to each other. They lead to a common big picture, which I seek. And that common big picture can be summed up in three words: Knowledge is Power.

I am a big believer in the mind and its limitless capacity. I believe it can be used profitably in areas of finance, pleasure and more importantly, to transcend suffering. In this age of blind faith and propaganda, the mind is an essential point of defense. The world has seen how Hitler has used propaganda for genocide and is now seeing how terrorists are recruiting innocents to kill.

It is in light of my extreme examples that I seek to expand my mental faculties; I want to process information faster; be observant and not jump to conclusions; be calm and not worry or be temperamental. I have done my research and sought various avenues to reach my goals.

I shall list them below, without explanation for now:

  • Insight meditation (Vipassana)
  • Cognitive brain exercises
  • Diet filled with optimal brain foods (Green Tea, Salmon, Tuna, Blue Berries, etc.)
  • Physical exercise
  • Recreation, pursuing interests and socialising
  • Sleeping
  • Mind mapping
  • Soothing music (e.g. Mozart, new age)
  • Read and observe more

Just to add, I am not crazy. You’ve misunderstood if you think that I’ve constructed a daily regimen consisting of the above.