Down with Chicken Pox

I turned in before dawn today. It was unusually cold and I was shivering. Curious about the temperature, I checked my wall thermometer expecting it to be around 24 degrees Celcius. It was not.

I have high fever. The worst part of it was, I couldn’t sleep with the nasty headache. I spent the night worrying if it was chicken pox (my sis had it), dengue or hair-straightener-poisoning. If you ask me, I have no desire of the first two. The wait period is both 2 weeks, one has the chance of giving me scars and the other requires that I have IV needles stabbed into my forearm.

Anyway, it turns out that I have chicken pox. Sighs. School begins on Monday and I’m going to miss the chance to build a good foundation for my modules. I guess things don’t always go our way. I have to put off the salon visit too.

I intend to self-study during the MC period. And I can treat it as extra holiday. My foot!