Laptop Issues

I’m bloody pissed by Acer,  their product and their substandard service. Its just one problem after another.

Last week I was forced to contact them for onsite warranty service because my laptop screen had failed. The technician was four hours late and the screen that he brought was spoilt. So, a new appointment was made.

In true Acer tradition, the technician was an hour late. He changed the screen and all was well, or so I thought.

Yes the screen worked. But now, according to my laptop’s error messages and reluctance to open my video files, my internet browser and a whole host of other things, it seems that the video card is spoilt! Damn it! I tried to backup my files, and a prompt comes up, telling me that the laptop has insufficient memory to conduct a file transfer. I tried to transfer the files individually but still the same thing.

What the fucking hell was that man? Does my bloody laptop have Alzeimers or dementia! It must be damn serious if it can’t even do a transfer of 800kb.

I have never dropped my laptop or handled it uncaringly. Yet it failed on me, and many of my classmates who were as foolish as I was to purchase an Acer laptop.

I don’t know what to say. Acer laptops must be bloody cunning. First, the screen doesn’t show. When that problem is sorted, the true horrors begin… The screen is just a diversion.

Acer had better give me a prompt and satisfying service. Or else, I’ll do my best to petition them off Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s list of laptop suppliers…

Logen L.