Notice To The Hidden Village of The Dragon

Konbanwa people of The Hidden Village Of The Dragon!

we have to get the costumes for 31st October. I’m planning a meeting next week to decide and finalise things.

I forbid anyone to avoid my calls, emails or messages. Haha. The ANBU will be watching you…

I’m aware though, that two of our clan heads are travelling to an undisclosed location this Monday. The purpose of their travel is classified information.

They are:

  • Horace of the Pirate Clan
  • Sylvester of the Shadow Clan

Good luck for your trip to China!

Back on the topic of costumes. All male heads of clan should wear hakamas, except for certain clans.

The founders of the village and kages have costumes as well.

Here is the list of all heads, and kages:

  • Logen, Dragon Clan (Sandaime Dragonkage, Founder)
  • Xing Dan, Mama Clan (Shodaime Dragonkage, Founder)
  • Hong Yi, Tiao Dang Clan (Founder)
  • Sylvester, Shadow Clan
  • Horace, Pirate Clan
  • Xuefeng, Snow Flower Clan
  • Kai, Tao Mo Clan (Yondaime Dragonkage)
  • Hiu Tung (from Dragon Clan, Nidaime Dragonkage)*

*not the head of clan

Oh yes, the Hidden Village of The Phoenix is free to join us for 31st October.

Here are the list of heads from the Phoenix Village:

  • Killa, Phoenix Clan (Nidaime Phoenixkage)
  • Eugene, Dragon Clan (Sandaime Phoenixkage)
  • Zhi Wei, Phoenix Clan (Yondaime Phoenixkage)

Here is the non-exhautive list of things to discuss:

  • What will the female kages be wearing
  • What features of the costume will distinguish the founders, kages, heads, and other ninjas (obi jime, face paint, head bands)
  • Are we going to implement weapons as part of the look (legal concerns, cost)
  • Should we book the alumni for lunch
  • Dinner plans
  • Rehearsed battles on 31st October
  • How to coordinate Horace and Sylvester’s costume
  • How to kidnap Hong Yi and force him into a costume on the 31st

Don’t worry about costs. With bulk shipping, I’m hoping that we can keep each costume below S$50.

That should be all for now.


Founder of The Hidden Village of The Dragon
One of the Legendary Yonnin
Sandaime Dragonkage
Dragon Clan Head,

Logen L.