More News On The Dragon Village

The Hidden Village of The Dragon is currently located at TA28.

I’m pleased to announce that the Sandaime Phoenixkage, Eugene-san, is dropping by for a 6 month visit. I’m not sure, however, if his grandson is still in our village.

Nonetheless, let us welcome him to the village.

Another piece of news… The Phoenix Village is now our neighbour at TA27. From what I gather, the presiding Phoenixkage is none other than Yondaime Phoenixkage, Zhi Wei-kun. I wish everyone good luck at that. Haha.

The Dragon Village ANBU (Secret Service) will be receiving Eugene-san next month. Please stand by to kidnap him and put him in a hakama for 31st October. There will also be another mission to kidnap Killa-san. Muahahahahaha!

Now, addressing my granddaughter. Ah Tung-chan, have you found the kimono for Halloween? Remember that the colour for the kage’s is black or blue. Find kimonos for Ah Man-chan(blue) and Feng-san(pink) also.  By the way, your Popeye’s tissue letter is with me.

Okay, that’s it. I know this is a nonsensical post. Oh well, make do with it. I’ll be creating a blog dedicated to the Dragon Village.

You are free to inform a doctor at IMH for my ‘delusion’.

Logen L.