Acceptance of The Fiasco

I have come to accept the aunty hairstyle fiasco. I have also accepted that my hair is much too short for the hairstyle I wanted.

I have done damage control by visiting my friendly neighbourhood barber.

Hopefully, in three months time, I’m able to revert to the hairstyle I wanted. I will take up my friend’s advice to go to the Japanese salon.

Life goes on, here’s a list of things I’ll need to get:

  • Make Up Primer (for oil control, and covering up scarring)
  • Slim Jeans (Grey or black)
  • Footless Ankle Leggings

Besides this, I’ve decided that I need to train harder for Aikido and incorporate pressure point striking. I finally realise they were serious when they said that Aikido is usable in a street situation only after years of training. The reason being that you have to get used to not resisting, but redirecting and blending with your opponents attacks.

I need X and Sandaime Hououkage to help in my training. 😀

Logen L.