Aikido Haircut

I’m back from the salon with my new haircut. As before, I’m not even sure if I like it.

I gave the hair dresser picture references and told her to make it suitable for my head shape and hair texture. It turns out now that my fringe seems bulky and the hair at the sides of my head is short. I can forget about the blue highlights already…

Sighs. I should be able to make adjustments though, considering my resourcefulness for the past few haircuts. I won’t be surprised if I end up liking it. But for now, I’ll have a neutral attitude towards my hair.

Anyway, I have Aikido later. Hopefully we’ll be doing rolls. I need to perfect my back roll and work on my front roll as well. It seems that I’m relying too much on my shoulder. I tried rolling a few times a day on my tiled floor and ended up bruising my shoulder. Not to mention, I’m not able to complete Shomenuchi Ikyo on a full-forced overhead strike.

I just hope that I won’t pair up with a rough senior… especially if we do Irimi Nage.

I remember when my head was locked underneath a seniors musky armpit. As it is, the technique requires the defender to off balance the attacker by doing a 180 or 360 degree spin and then throw him, which is very disorientating if done at natural speed and force. This senior was rough and his musky armpit odour just made me feel nauseous. Imagine having to keep getting up to get thrown again and have your nose directly under someone’s sweaty armpits. Urgh…

Kowaiye Desu!

Never mind me. I’m just feeling neurotic and moody..

Logen L.