Aikido Grading at Tanglin

I had Aikido grading this afternoon and think I did well. I only fumbled for a moment during the free-style phase when I misinterpreted my partner’s attack. However, I managed to apply the basic joint-lock and throwing techniques.

As much as I knew that one had to be calm and relaxed when facing an attack, I’ve found out first hand as to what happens otherwise. In aikido, we aim to blend with the opponent’s force unresistingly, and then redirect the force to defend ourselves. Because an opponents attack is unpredictable until few seconds before point of contact, one should never plan his defense. He just blends an attack according to the flow of the force.

All in all, my mistake in the free-style phase was timing, insufficient practice and over-thinking. I mistook the attack and tried to parry what I thought the attack was to be too soon.

Oh well, I’m still at white belt. And the sensei says that it takes many years to master these crucial factors.

I should be able to get an orange belt in 2 to 4 weeks time. But I’d be really happy to have a double promotion to blue. Haha.

And yea, some of the villagers’ Japanese costumes have arrived in Singapore.

Logen L.