Concussion During Aikido

I had my first session of Aikido as an Orange belt today. I ended up with a concussion near the end of the lesson.

We were practicing a variation of Tsuki, which involved a backward throw. Within mere seconds of lying on my back when the technique ended, someone was accidentally thrown onto me. That person’s head ended up hitting the temples of my head and I blacked out for some seconds.

While my eyes struggled to open, my seniors knelt by me and repeatedly asked if I was fine. Being in a daze, I couldn’t process their words for a while. Even after then it was difficult for me to respond as I had been breathing heavily.

Sensei came over and knelt down behind me. I’m not really sure what he did. But I can best describe it as pressing my pressure points. My eyes remained blank but were tearing. I’m not sure if it was from the pain, my thoughts or something else. Sensei then asked to move my eyes to different specific directions verbally.

It took me a few minutes to get up thereafter and I was accompanied by my partner outside.

Logen L.