This Week Is Ryugakure’s Week

Happy belated Deepavali to everyone.

The Dragon Village lunch will take place this Friday.

Starting on Wednesday, all villagers are expected to rehearse their Japanese etiquette of bowing and greeting. To guys who will be wearing the ‘samurai’ costume, we’ll practice tying the hakama on Thursday. Whereas for girls who will be wearing kimono, please look for Tung-chan for instructions.

Anyway, I’ve reminded myself something… Happiness is a choice. Even if you are forsaken, you can be happy. You have to be able to let go of those who had meant much to you. :]

Life is impermanent. If people cannot appreciate differences and embrace you, then let go of them. There is no point in being the only one who is clinging to that relationship. There is no purpose in masking the core of your existence.

Anyway, I’m ever thankful for having friends like Harris, Mandy and Ais, even though we haven’t met nor talked for weeks.

Logen L.