Impromptu Speaking and Self Entertainment

Table Topics and Confidence

I did great for table topics! The teacher remarked that my speech clearly deserved an ‘A’.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”.

This was my quote to talk about. I must admit I have came across this quote years ago and therefore, was slightly relaxed about talking about it.

Next week shall be the second session of table topics. And I’m determined to choose the lots of a riskier topic category. I am determined to prove to myself that I am able to talk about unfamiliar topics, with little preparation time.

In the mean time, it means practicing in front of my friends.

How to entertain yourself during lectures…

Allow me to tell you part of the story of the Hidden Village of The Dragon. Below are some illustrations drawn during my FIT (Finance of International Trade) Lecture.

Hidden Village Of The Dragon

The Hidden Village of The Dragon (aka Ryugakure) is a ninja village. I’m the third ninja protector (Sandaime Ryukage) of the village, who acts as the head of the village.

The Scene of the village

This is the scene of the village. Isn’t the sunrise amazing? On the right are three of the four legendary ninja (Yonin); Logen, Xing Dan and Hong Yi.

Logen begins with the story

Scene: Ryukage Mansion

*The Logen of present age (81) tells the story of the betrayal of ‘X’*

Logen says: 60 years ago, the ninja hidden village of the dragon was founded by 4 Legendary Ninja. These 4 ninja, were by the name of Logen, Xing Dan, Hong Yi and ‘X’.


*Xing Dan at present age (82) continues*

Xing Dan says: One day, one of the Legendary 4 betrayed the other 3. He framed one of them of commiting grievious crimes.

Confrontation scene

Scene: The Battle of The Yonin, 58 years ago

*Logen of the Dragon Clan is armed with his weapon, a giant black tessen (fighting fan), which is capable of creating torrential winds.*

*’X’ of the Shadow Clan is gathering his chakra behind him and moulding it into dark shadows.*

In his bid to gain power, ‘X’ murdered the sensei who taught the Legendary 4, Chong Sensei. He then framed Logen for this and other crimes…

battle begins

‘X’: Kage Mane No Jutsu (Shadow bind technique)… *does hand seals for another technique thereafter*

*Logen loses control of his arm and leg movements. He begins to sink into the shadows manipulated by ‘X’. The technique is apparently a sealing technique.*

Logen: *calmly speaks with deep sorrow in his voice* Ever since boyhood, we’ve been great friends. And now you’ve betrayed the village… betrayed me… I regret it… But I have to kill you!


‘X’: Haha! I’ve already caught you within my technique (Shadow Bind Seal)!

Logen: Light of the Dragon Jutsu! *white chakra light resonates from Logen’s right hand. The white chakra travels to Logen’s feet and the shadow technique is broken.* You sure about that? I’ve already broken off your sealing technique…

‘X’: What!? That can’t be. No one has ever escaped my jutsu.

(extended version)

Logen: I’m not no one. Don’t forget I’m one of the four… And as a founder of Ryugakure, I cannot allow you to harm my villagers, the people whom which we took an oath to protect… the people whom which we love as family…

‘X’: Haha. Our people are a burden… Love is a burden… I live only to accomplish my aims. They are but pawns for me to use.

Logen: …

*Xing Dan and Hong Yi enters the scene*

To Be Continued… or not.

Logen L.