Insighful Books, Complicated Concepts

I’ve been reading some insightful books. But within the last book below, are complicated concepts.

  1. Roots of Terrorism – Kanti P. Bajpai
  2. Training The Samurai Mind: A Bushido Source Book – Thomas Cleary
  3. The Book of Wisdom: The Heart of Tibetan Buddhism – Osho

Roots of Terrorism is clear on how secessionist terrorism originated in some states of India. Training The Samurai Mind was laced with many unfamiliar words (I checked the dictionary countless of times) and because some of it was translated from late Bushido experts, the concepts spoken on needed me to make several inferences.

The killer of the whole lot was The Book of Wisdom, which was heavy on Buddhist concepts of enlightenment. Naturally, I could understand it on a limited theoretical level because I’ve never attained enlightenment. However, if I want total understanding of the concepts (e.g. emptiness), I have to experience them for myself. One can describe the colour red to a blind person, but for him to know the colour red, he has to experience it through his eyes.

Unfortunately I lack hindsight and as a result chose two relatively cheem (complicated) books for leisure reading. Nonetheless, these books contain useful knowledge for my ambitions…

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Logen L.