Busy All The Way

I made some updates through Twitter (Paradox Notes). But these messages have not appeared at all. Nevertheless, these are my the updates I made…

  1. 13 Feb : I’m taking a break from studying. Going to enjoy today doing what I like.
  2. 14 Feb : I’ve been attached to one of the big 4 for my auditing internship. Hopefully, the six months there will be fulfilling.
  3. 14 Feb (4 hours later) : My timing for 2.4km was 11.34 mins (14 sec short of my 11.20 target). The problem was, my loose underwear fell off while jogging. Trust me, going commando beneath is an uncomfortable experience while continuing your jog.

This would be my last post till 26th of this month, the end of my last examination. I will be very busy even after.

  • 1 March : Aikido Grading
  • 2 March – 4 March : Auditing Internship Training
  • 9 March : Actual commencement of internship (no leave for 6 months)

This means shopping for at least 4 sets of working clothes, a new slightly toned-down hairstyle and other essentials.

As much as I’m upset of having practically no vacation in-between the semesters, I will give my all for the internship and adopt a calm positive attitude. I have been advised not to blog about or mention the name of the company I’m attached to. That’s all.

Logen L.