What Is Frienship…

For what it is worth, I enjoyed our friendship. Perhaps I was foolish to assume that friendship could be sustained with the knowledge that both parties would be there in times of need, yet not necessarily in times of want. Perhaps, you’re right, I have not put in my utmost to keep in touch.

I’ve changed, together with my life. I’m no longer like before when I could accede to your request to meet at a moment’s notice. Yet, I try my best to do so. Time is a scarce commodity especially this year. And time has great bearing on reality, a certain reality that will manifest.


Despite my actions (or inaction), I regard you still as one of my closest friends. However, lets face it, there is a rift between us at the moment. As much as I hope it mends, it is unlikely that we will speak to each other soon. So, let this be my last words (for now) to you…

I enjoyed our companionship through these years. I appreciate your presence when I needed to know someone still cared about my existence. I am honoured to have seen your tears through tough times. I maintain that despite what has happened, I will be there when needed.

Take care of your health and don’t let your hot temper hinder your good heart.

This reminds me about what I wrote in two person’s Christmas letter years ago, of which, one is still unread; impermanence is the only permanent thing in life. I’m sorry.

Logen L.

photo: http://flickr.com/photos/edalorzo/2285609188/sizes/m/