Managing Time and Failing To Do So

I find it increasingly difficult to enjoy life. Every bleeding week is punctuated with major assignments or events. Every ‘free’ minute I have is devoted to tutorials, assignments and projects. I need solitude to ground myself in what really matters to me as an individual. I may seem extroverted, but I’m really an introvert at heart.

I get frustrated with myself to ‘hang out’ with friends and not go home when the schedule is so fucked up. ‘Hang out’ simply means waiting in school; for what, I don’t even know. I want to┬ábecome disciplined and proactive with time management. Yet, I end up lying in bed on Saturday afternoons for a nap to catch up on sleep.

Naruto doesn’t make me happy anymore. Harry Potter has moved on from my life. I didn’t have time to spend on Avatar.

If this is an indication of how life as an accountant, auditor or financial analyst will be like… it sucks…

I envisioned my life to be fulfilling and calm and of course punctuated by bull crap once in a while. The life of living bull crap is crap…

Logen L.