Airplanes Flying Across Pulau Tekong

Allow me to recount a melancholic moment I had while in Tekong Island, about 2 weeks ago.

Yet another airplane began its descent into Changi Airport from the skies of Tekong island. Within the military bunk, I sat atop the cold concrete with my eyes unfocused. The noise of the descending airplanes was a constant reminder of civilisation; how near we were to mainland Singapore and yet Tekong was far enough to travel by ferry.

Each day, I contemplated how my 2 years of military service would come to pass. There were times when the trainings and conditions were tough. The punishments meted were given to the platoon as a whole and not individually. Our morale sometimes dipped to a low.

Just a month ago, I was a free person; a civilian teenage boy, not yet a man. And now, I am no longer the owner of my time and my body.

While lost in my thoughts, this song came into the playlist of my MP4 Player: Airplanes by B.O.B.. How fitting… With the number of airplanes flying across, my wishes may actually come true.

Logen L.