Season Of Armour

The holiday season is here. Some time during my week-longĀ  stay in camp, Christmas decorations have crept up in shopping malls. It is certainly a refreshing change of scene from the same old boring armoured vehicles in my camp.

During this unannounced hiatus, my military platoon has moved into the unit headquarters. This presents much of a challenge because the existing platoon at the headquarters are a rowdy bunch; one-eighth of them have visited detention barracks (which is another word for military prison). And my platoon’s task at hand is to prevent ourselves from being taken advantaged of.

However, other than being constantly late, uncouth in their manner of speaking and arguing with the sergeants, they have gotten along with us quite well. After all, the live range shoot went rather well yesterday.

Besides the eventful move into headquarters, I have applied for overseas leave during mid-December for a trip to Thailand with Mandy. I am hopeful that we will find many bargains in the land of smiles.

This is all I have to update. I will have to book into camp tomorrow and prepare to train in setting up concertina wires.