Christmas In Armour Indeed

This Christmas, I will be stuck in Armour Camp doing guard duty. While I’m not at all upset (considering that I will get a day off in lieu), I’m disappointed at having to miss out on the warm cosy feeling attached to this season. I miss celebrating Christmas with my fellow Dragon villagers. And I certainly miss watching the televised Christmas movies on the comfy couch, pretending that its snowing outside.

However, this mandatory sacrifice will be worth it if I’m saved from doing guard duty on the Lunar New Year.

Here are some things that are cheering me up:

1. Going for leisure trip to Thailand this Friday

2. Looking awesome when wearing the Jinbei delivered from Japan (Ebay)

3. Getting great bargains in Thailand

4. Enjoying the year-end 5-day holiday

On another note, I’m continuously being annoyed with one or two idiots back at camp who fuck around and treat me with disrespect. Do I have to threaten to box their teeth out to get results? Because this week when one idiot made a subtle racist remark while we were marching back from the cookhouse, I yelled at him and threatened to punch his fucking face the next time he made a racist remark. Everyone, including the sergeant, heard and were stunned. Two persons in front thought I was joking. When they laughed, I shouted “You think its fucking funny?”. Thereafter, they kept their mouths shut. The idiot refrained from making any racist remarks for the entire week.

Honestly, do I have to humiliate a person in front of so many people in order to teach them respect?

I resolve to change the situation of disrespect before December 2012. But I need a better plan than physical threats. I have no desire to end up in the detention barracks.