Gong Xi Fa Cai At Zouk, Phuture and Nana

Last year, I missed clubbing on Christmas day. This year, I missed clubbing on New Year’s Eve. But! the partying at Zouk this Chinese New Year more than makes up for whatever I missed.

After an uneventful visit to my grandmother’s place (where my family traditionally gathered on Lunar New Year), I contacted some of my clubbing buddies. With many dismal responses, I was almost sure that my night would be quiet. Yet, at the last few hours, I managed to gather with Mandy and the twins (with their family and friends) at Zouk.

If you do not already know, I do not usually go to Zouk and Phuture as I dislike the place. Too crowded and average music. However, this time was different. Mandy and I broke off from the group at Phuture for a while and headed to Zouk. The trance music was awesome. And since it was Chinese New Year, the dance floor (ironically) was not that packed. We watched the crowd for some time, danced wildly when Stereo Love was on and headed outside for a smoke.

Who would have thought that we’d run into Florence, whom which I caught up with before parting ways.

Upon returning to Phuture to rejoin the group, we moved into the crowded dance floor dancing to many remixed hits. At one point, Rowena couldn’t stand the pain from dancing in heels that she took them off. One by one, we began to take off our shoes to dance.

Thereafter, Mandy and I decided we needed more drinks. We both had Snow White and the Seven Dwarves at Zouk’s bar. We were toasting our shots. The first was to eternal happiness, the second to great awesome sex, and I don’t remember the rest. At the height of our high, we returned to the dance floor at Phuture. Ten minutes later, the bloody lights came on. The partying was over at 3am!

In the end, Guan Kai, Mandy and I moved on to the Thai Disco, Nana, near Chinatown. Guan Yu and Nicholas didn’t join us probably because they got lucky. Haha. Here’s a little commentary about Nana. The place is reminiscent of the disco I went to back in Thailand. The live band performance was pure awesomeness. And they had Thai girls in skimpy outfits strutting about. I kept telling Mandy, ‘Imagine if we headed out of the backdoor and ended up in Thailand’.

The total damage in expenses for Mandy and me (at Zouk, Phuture and Nana) is summed up as follows: Taxi fare (around $38 total), Donation to Make A Wish Foundation in lieu of free entry to Zouk and Phuture ($12), 1 Jug of Vodka Cranberry ($52), Super Flaming Lambo ($28), beers (with some Chivas dripped in, complements of Mr Tan Guan Kai $28), Snow White and the Seven Dwarves ($52) and a jug of Whiskey Soda ($38).

That’s at least $100 from each of us. When’s the next partying session?

Happy Lunar New Year my friends.