Body Language And My Businesses

These days, I’ve been studying body language; how to read people through their behaviour and how to alter my own body language to enhance my communication prowess. I have trouble recalling the individual non-verbal indicators and therefore shall try to summarise similarities in these indicators into a mindmap or chart. Thereafter, I have to practice base-lining the body language of individuals, while analysing if their speech is congruent with their behaviour.

This goal of mine is far from being accomplished. And I have decided to make a project out of it on my other site at iKinesics.

Besides body language, I have been working on two new businesses. One of them is an addition of a new domaining business model to my current domain names business. The other is a partnership with my military camp-mate on promoting fitness and skin products. Hopefully, these two avenues will eventually enable me to supplement the measly military allowance.

In light of progressing in the goals above, I have neglected studying Thai. Time is, honestly, out of my hands; a sad fact of being enlisted in the army as a stay-in personnel for 5 days a week.

To worsen matters, my eczema condition has gotten slightly bad. Even though I have doubled the dosage of antihistamines, I end up scratching my arms and neck when asleep due to the intense itching. I am frightened at what field camp would do to my condition. Raw bleeding skin and mud do not mix well. We’ll see on Monday…