Pet Peeves About Certain Bunkmates

Honour Your Promises

When one makes promises, they are expected to honour their words. I have bunk mates whose words amount to lip service. Talk is cheap.

They cavalierly confirm that they will attend a gathering, but back out at the last minute. Common excuses include: I have to drive my friends home, I am currently out of the country and cannot make it back in time because my friends have prolonged their stay.

They blame their friends in order to break commitments. Pray tell, why the fuck are you meeting your friends before you have to attend the gathering. You mean you couldn’t have foreseen any delays. Are you so fucking retarded that you do not know your friend’s habits to delay?

Disrespectfully Taking Me For Granted

I am not your mama shop. You want hair wax or tissues, go fucking buy your own. I am not trying to be selfish here, but the reality is this, I buy my supplies for my own use. But week after week, you have been asking me for supplies for your use. Am I supposed to spend more and buy extras just to accommodate your needs?

I am not your servant. Don’t you push me towards the queue and boss me around to queue for you. Is your dick so puny that you have to sit down at the side? All talk and no action asshole. You slack around and sleep. Thereafter, you strut like a bitch, shaking your ass and open your pussy lips to boss your fellow bunkmates(who have been busy cleaning arms or doing chores) around. When you are caught slacking, you whine.

Respecting My Privacy

If you want to use my belongings, ask for my permission first. Privacy and respect are important to me. If you have no decency to ask, then fuck off far away from my belongings.

Pissing Me Off When I Am Trying To Relax

If you have nothing to tell me, then stop calling out my name. I will fucking box your teeth out.

Logen L.